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Rates vary depending on specific services.



24 hour phone support and in-home companion support for both the client and family to ensure  a safe substance free living environment.

Support network in place upon return to your home. Counselors, recovery meetings, and other recommendations.


Gender specific Sober transport companions


Welcome To The Sober Hand


THE SOBER HAND is a recovery companion and referral service for those seeking reputable treatment centers or sober living homes around the country. A hand to reach out and hold on tight to in early sobriety while getting back to your daily life is vital.


Who Is the Sober Hand


A little bit about me and why I strongly believe I am qualified to help you. I have been there and have been sober since May 2008. I have been given the privilege to experience a life in sobriety, and live to good purpose. I have a wonderful family support system, and three amazing children. I am a graduate of University Of Puget Sound in Tacoma Washington 1980. I have worked in many areas of the social service field as a hospital case manager, and discharge planner. I also served as director of social services in long term care facilities, as well as substance abuse case management. This led me to become more involved in the addiction field and to begin The Sober Hand with the intention of helping all people suffering from addiction, including family members who are living with the pain of an addicted loved one.


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THE SOBER HAND will be there to help you

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